The Role of the US Court of Appeals

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US Court of Appeals

A former partner at the firm Sedgwick LLP, Scott Haworth is now the managing partner of a New York City-based law firm focused on the legal areas of product liability, catastrophic torts, and construction defense. A member of the New York State Bar Association, Scott Haworth is also licensed to practice law in the State of New Jersey as well as the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals is one of 13 appellate courts in the United States serving distinct geographic regions. The Court of Appeals falls just below the US Supreme Court in terms of jurisdiction and often has the final say in lawsuits due to the limited number of cases heard by the Supreme Court each year. Of the 13 courts, 12 are delegated by region, while the 13th US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit maintains jurisdiction over the entire country within a specific subset of legal areas, like international trade, patents, and government contracts.

Cases within these appellate courts are almost always heard and decided by three judges without the presence of a jury. Like Supreme Court justices, judges named to the court of appeals are nominated by the president of the United States and must receive confirmation from the US Senate.