What are Class Action Suits?

Scott Haworth pic

Scott Haworth
Image: hcandglaw.com

Licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey, Scott Haworth is the managing partner of Haworth Coleman & Gerstman, LLC. An experienced litigation attorney, Scott Haworth defends clients in product liability, intentional torts, and class action suits.

Class action suits arise when a group of people with similar injuries received from the same product, medical device, or action sue the same defendant together. A class action has the effect of bringing all plaintiffs together in one case rather than having each of them institute individual civil proceedings against a common defendant. For example, patients who were prescribed the same medication and later suffered unforeseen side effects may bring a suit against the manufacturer together, as can people living in the same neighborhood where a toxic spill contaminated their water system.

Class actions are a very effective means of instituting civil proceedings. On the court’s side, class actions enable it to hear dozens of claims at once and to dispose of them together, rather than having to listen to each of them individually. On the plaintiff’s side, class actions bring down litigation costs. By suing as a class, the plaintiffs consolidate their attorneys, evidence, and witnesses, bringing down the cost of the suit. Class action suits ensure that all injured plaintiffs receive a portion of awarded damages.


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